How to Jumpstart Your VR eLearning Plan & Conquer Common Obstacles

Practical Tips for Finding a Budget, Gaining Approval, & Managing Resistance to Change

Are you ready to step up your eLearning game with Lectora but find yourself getting lost? As it turns out, the Title Explorer is the most important feature you’ll need for navigating the world’s best authoring tool. And we’re going to help you master it!

Laura Silver, Chief Operating Officer of Trivantis, and head of product management, will give you step by step guidance for structuring and organizing your eLearning titles within desktop and online versions of Lectora. By conquering this one critical feature within the application, you’ll be amazed by how quickly you’ll be able to develop content, organize your objects, and create shortcuts that make authoring eLearning a joy in Lectora!

Highlights include:

  • How to create an organized hierarchy of content

  • How to organize, reuse, hide, collapse, and “inherit” objects

  • How to control the layering of objects and actions 

  • How to create shortcuts that make you breeze through authoring!


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The Secret to Mastering the World’s Best Authoring Tool

Conquering the Title Explorer

Conquering the Title Explorer

Laura Silver

Chief Operating Officer

Laura joined Trivantis in 2007 to develop and lead the Quality Assurance team for the Company. She has since served as Product Manager for the Company’s flagship product Lectora, as well as VP of Products. In this role, Laura was responsible for architecting and overseeing the product strategy and roadmap across the entire Trivantis product suite.