How to Jumpstart Your VR eLearning Plan & Conquer Common Obstacles

Practical Tips for Finding a Budget, Gaining Approval, & Managing Resistance to Change

Ever wonder why some eLearning courses are just “good enough”  while others are extraordinarily effective? If you think there’s a process for maximizing outcomes, you’re right, but the road to success may surprise you.   

If you are brave enough to challenge those tired “we’ve always done it that way” strategies, join us to see this Lectora extraordinaire tag-team share their cutting-edge, theory-centric technique for building outstanding courses. Highlights include:   

  • Why goals & objectives shape your platform choice & design decisions 
  • How to create a winning blueprint & when to share it with your stakeholders & SMEs 
  • When to intentionally develop assets based on desired cognitive outcomes
  • How to make effective creative choices & bring them to life in Lectora 


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From Theory to Practice: Building eLearning Content


Andy Lockwood

Training Coordinator / eLearning Developer, Auto-Owners Insurance

– Learning Theory

Zoa Bonofiglio

Coordinator / Instructional Designer, Auto-Owners Insurance